Hello, I am a scientist suffering from adult onset eczema for the past 6 years. It began as a simple itch on the neck during exam week, and then it slowly spread to my entire neck, wrists, and elbows. I’ve always had mild eczema on my elbows that came and went when I was growing up. Perhaps it suggests a certain level of predisposition to more severe eczema triggered by the stress of University. Also, some time during these past 6 years I went on the drug Accutane for acne which may have contributed to even drier and consequently more vulnerable skin. In the long run, I don’t think Accutane made my eczema worse except that it gave me facial eczema.

In terms of treatments, I’ve been using a combination of Topical Steroids and Elidel to control my eczema, which became less effective over these 6 years. When I told the doctor that my eczema was worsening, he only suggested that I apply topical steroids more frequently. Then one day, everything clicked together when I came across Red Skin Syndrome. I began to question whether my life long battle had really been caused or made worse by topical steroids.  If I do indeed have it, I think it’s very interesting because I would probably represent a less severe case given I’ve only used 0.2% hydroval and went out of my way to ensure that I only used it when I needed it (i.e during a flare) due to my fear of wrinkles and skin thinning side-effects.

One reason I am here is because I have very dry skin that is unable to keep moisture in for long periods. I thought I could share what products I have tried over the years that have worked for very dry and sensitive skin. I also wanted to document my journey on topical steroid withdrawal. In the event that I do actually have it, I will hopefully be able to see improvements in a few months or years. I hope that somewhere along the way, my experience will be useful to someone else suffering with eczema.


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  1. I received East African Shea butter from my brother over the summer. I don’t have eczema, but he tells me that he has clients with little kids whose condition has improved. I googled and came across this http://bit.ly/Rm8Rv0 which is the same stuff I received. I find that it gets absorbed into the skin after a short while. It isn’t greasy contrary to popular belief. And I believe its anti-inflammatory properties are scientifically documented – just google benefits of Shea butter and national geographic.

  2. Check out the solveeczema.org website. This is what really helped me overcome my adult onset eczema. Use saponified soaps with no colours or additives. Supermarket soaps have all the goodness removed with added fragrances, additives and are extremely drying. I now make my own soap bars, my own laundry powder using no detergents, use bicarb with water to wash my hair, apple cider vinegar with water to condition hair, make my own moisturiser etc. Know every single thing you apply to your skin. always read all the ingredients in the products you buy & use and understand what they are. Hope this helps! Good luck with your search.

  3. Hi 🙂 I came across you’re blog, I look forward to following you and reading more of your posts! I have suffered with eczema since I was a child, it has improved as I have got older, maybe because I understand the condition more and can control it. Have a look at my blog, I hope we can share some tips with each other 🙂

    Shannon x

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