Weird Patterns and Eczema


Have any of you ever noticed how your eczema would suddenly improve or worsen in certain occasions? Well over the years I’ve noticed a few things about my eczema. It has always fascinated me and I wondered if this was true for others with eczema.

1) It seems to improve during menstruation

2) Sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep without showering or moisturizing and I wake up with non-inflamed or red but very dry skin

3) Sleeping a lot seems to help with eczema

4) When I get sick with the flu or a cold my eczema magically improves

5) I’m asian and I suffer from low alcohol tolerance. What I notice is that if I drink a lot of alcohol I have really bad eczema that night but really good skin the next morning.

6) Probiotics seem to help occasionally

7) It gets worse with stress and lack of sleep! Sadly impossible to avoid as a Medical Student 😦

Let me know about your strange experience with eczema!!


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  1. Interesting patterns you’ve noticed here! I’ll comment on them… (about me: I’m a 27 year old white female, I started using topical steroids about 6 years ago sporadically, mostly on my face and limbs, probably only used them a year total cumulatively, and I am almost at 4 months complete of TSW).

    1. I definitely think that my skin (and therefore probably my eczema) looks BETTER during the menstrual cycle – I think because it gets more oily. I’m not usually prone to acne but I will get acne around this time.
    2. yes, if i fall asleep without doing those things, I get pretty dry and sometimes my face gets irritated
    3. I think sleep helps everything 🙂
    4. Cold and flu make my eczema HORRIBLE – I will get really dry and red and flaky.
    5. I haven’t drank alcohol in a few years because I felt like it would dry out my skin and make it look really bad the next morning.
    6. I have been taking probiotics regularly since late January, I am not sure if they are helping as I can’t trace my improvement just to them, but I think it is a good idea to take them as healing and balancing your body INSIDE can only help the OUTSIDE.

    Anyhow I wish you continued and speedy healing!! 🙂

    • Hi, interesting points you’ve made and I can relate to some of them, especially the sleeping and waking up with nicer skin. Can’t say I notice any difference when menstruating but general illness makes my eczema rage something horrid and drinking makes it worse and I definitely suffer for the next day or so. x

  2. Hi
    When im really ill with a high temprrature my eczema will often clear up completely. Because its an auto immune disease I would imagine this is because my immune system has a real threwt to react to.

  3. Interesting post! I find that just before my period comes, my skin gets worse. I also get much worse when ill – but that was before I started life without steroid creams. I have yet to be sick during TSW. And I have yet to drink during TSW as I hear it affects most people negatively. Sleep has never been a factor one way or another. However going to work makes my skin worse – thinking it is the stress.

    • Im due to be coming on my period in just under a weeks time and my eczema is HORRIBLE. It always seems to be at its very very worse before i come on my period. During my period sometimes its better though. I dont know if Ill ever be able to figure eczema out and its unfortunate its still a bit of a mystery condition. Had it since I was around 3-4, I am now nearly 22

  4. For me, my peroid is the worst time for my eczema! I agree with sleep and not showering though! 🙂 It’s neat how everybody is different! I like your blog template…very pretty 🙂

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  6. My son has eczema and I have noticed illness clears it up, also has anyone tried swimming? My son goes regularly because it helps soooo much, the first time it flared really bad but the next day had almost vanished, now we go twice a week with a huge improvement and minimal flares.

  7. Hey! I just found your blog and it was exactly what I needed because I was literally about to pop open my Olux-E foam and put it on my skin. It is definitely hard to get through, but you gave me hope. I stopped using my topical steroid foam at the very beginning of August so I’m six months in. What exactly did you do to sooth your skin? Did you have a daily routine that you found helped you out a lot? My neck and my thigh have given me so many problems to the point where the rash will go down, but it won’t fully go away! It’s so frustrating. 😦 I’m a college student and my skin is by far my biggest distraction.

  8. My eczema is,in part,is connected with food allergies. Corn is the biggest problem. It also gets worst just before my period. Has anyone found out why?

    • Hey I’m not sure of the exact reasons but food allergies, eczema, hay fever, and asthma are known to be associated with each other.
      For example, some people with eczema also have asthma. Studies also show that people who develop food allergies in the first 2 years of life are more likely to develop asthma. All of these fall under atopic disorders and are ultimately the result of an over reactive immune system to a foreign particle (A type of antibody called IgE gets released in response to a particle that your body sees as foreign and triggers an allergic reaction in the lungs for asthmatics and the skin for those with eczema). Why do some people with eczema also have asthma and other’s don’t for example? It hard to predict because it depends on genetic, environmental factors, and multiple different genes becoming susceptible. Scientists haven’t fully figured it out yet and probably won’t because there are too many factors at play.

    • I have eczema, allergies, etc. and am allergic to corn. Its hard to get out of your diet but it helps, a lot, when I can. Remember that baking powder is made from corn starch (that is, biscuits, breads, cookies, etc.). I also have big breakouts if I eat lunchmeat more than one day in a row — nitrates?? I started drinking warm water with lemon juice in the morning. I put baking soda to neutralize the lemon’s acidity to protect my teeth. But that has helped about 50% without anything else. I heard a theory that if you’re kidneys aren’t up to par your body will use your skin as a third kidney. Makes sense, I started getting eczema after having a very serious kidney infection. And after having the flu for a few days, what’s left is clearing up a lot too. Don’t know whether its the misdirection or the temperature. I usually run lower than normal.

  9. Hi! I found this post as I googled about flu and eczema. I am just getting better after a flu and once again my skin got so much better when I was ill. Now that I’m getting back to normal my eczema is getting really bad. Not sure if it has something to do with the limited diet I have when I’m sick or because my immune system does not fight back with eczema after it has put all the energy to fight back to flu.. It was interesting to see that other people have similar experiences.

    I haven’t noticed any pattern to do with menstrual cycle but definitely not showering in the evening can make the skin nice and dry in the morning. However it only lasts until I moisturize myself again..

    Hope you all a lot of patience and good moments with this condition.

  10. The relief from excema happens during cold and flus because the body is Flushing itself of toxins and gets minor relief. Colds and flus are just the body’s way of detoxifying when we are adding too many cooked and unnatural substances to our diet. I too started to notice my eggs and mode disappear if I had the flu and was throwing up for a whole day and didn’t eat anything. I have just finished 13 years of research and realize that we are not supposed to eat cooked processed food. Switching to a raw vegan diet will improve symptoms and also juice fasting will allow your body to detoxify and cleanse itself of the things that cause excema. Meat and dairy are a huge excema causations meat is not meant to be eaten by humans and putrefies and rots in the intestines and causes damage which can lead to leaky gut and a toxic liver. Try listening to John Rose on YouTube.

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