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Weird Patterns and Eczema


Have any of you ever noticed how your eczema would suddenly improve or worsen in certain occasions? Well over the years I’ve noticed a few things about my eczema. It has always fascinated me and I wondered if this was true for others with eczema.

1) It seems to improve during menstruation

2) Sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep without showering or moisturizing and I wake up with non-inflamed or red but very dry skin

3) Sleeping a lot seems to help with eczema

4) When I get sick with the flu or a cold my eczema magically improves

5) I’m asian and I suffer from low alcohol tolerance. What I notice is that if I drink a lot of alcohol I have really bad eczema that night but really good skin the next morning.

6) Probiotics seem to help occasionally

7) It gets worse with stress and lack of sleep! Sadly impossible to avoid as a Medical Student 😦

Let me know about your strange experience with eczema!!


7 Months – Stagnant


For these past few months my eczema has been pretty much the same. I posted earlier that the eczema on my shoulders that I got when I stopped using topical steroids finally went away. That is still the case except that the skin there has become very dry, wrinkly and flaky. I’m still fighting eczema on my neck, elbows, behind the knees, face, and the eczema that has spread to my lower back, arms and hands. It quite scary to go from having eczema in a few areas to having almost full body eczema when you stop topical steroids. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever go away but I guess 7 months in is too early to tell. Bleach baths, vaseline and lots of sleep seem to help a lot.