Does fish oil help with eczema?



Maximizing the benefits of omega 3 supplements:
Most of us with eczema have probably heard about the benefits of omega 3 supplements. The problem is that their prone to both light and heat oxidation. One way to test if your supplements are good is to slice open a pill and taste it (I know nasty right?). If it tastes rancid or smells funny that means it is no longer good. To prevent oxidation store them in a dark bottle at a cool location. In addition, oil supplements must be taken with food to maximize absorption. The reason is because that vitamins must bind to fats in order for them to be efficiently taken up by our intestines. Lastly, the more the recommended number of capsules per day the better. Purchase bottles where there is a low concentration of fatty acids and requires multiple capsules a day, rather than a high concentration capsule.  If the concentration is too high, chances are your body won’t have enough time to absorb all of it.

Do fatty acid supplements help with eczema?
I honestly can’t say. I haven’t noticed a dramatic improvement and yet it feels like my skin would be worse off without it. My guess is that if your eczema is dietary in nature, then this will help you.

Other recommendations: borage oil


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